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14 Nov 2016
We all experience severe heart break at some time in our lives. For many it happens in childhood or adolescence, the time when we are most vulnerable. A cold mother, an absent father, being different in any way from our peers and ostracized for it - these are some of the reasons for the early feeling that something is wrong, inadequate and utterly disappointing about us. For others, it happens later, when a spouse betrays our love and trust, a child is hurt, or our dream of making it big in the world is shattered.

It happens -sooner or later- to everybody, yet strangely enough, we tend to believe that other people have heaps of money, great careers, excellent health, and are blessed with devoted spouses and perfect children. Even if...

23 Apr 2013

As part of the Change a Little Change a Lot accessibility campaign to raise public awareness of disability, a series of Open Letters have been written by people with varying degrees of disability. In this piece we hear from 29-year old Stephen Cluskey from Swords who, after a freak accident, was left paralysed from the neck down. Here Stephen recounts his story and gives us an insight into life with a disability.

IT WAS 4 August, 2002 and a day which changed my life. The weather was glorious, the Dubs had just drawn in the quarter finals of the All-Ireland against Donegal and life couldn’t have been better. Little did I know that a couple of hours later I’d be in the back of an ambulance on the way to the Mater hospital after falling...

28 Feb 2013
Recently, China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association micromotor Branch issued a micro motor industry last year's economic data. Data shows, the industry total industrial output value, sales revenue, total profit indicators remain relatively grow substantially, at present China has become the world's largest micro motor manufacturing base teco brushless dc motor.

Wolong Holding Group Co., Ltd., Zhangqiu Haier Motor Co. Ltd., Zhongshan ocean motor Limited by Share Ltd and a number of domestic have considerable size and strength of the enterprise, by transforming the management mechanism, the innovation management system, has a strong comprehensive strength and good brand awareness. In recent years, technological transformation of a...

07 Feb 2013
Listen to can not only make the person produces intimacy, ease the pressure on the other side, Nanjing City subconscious to facilitate its work efficiency, also can make us better understand each other and he meant, to lay the foundation for future contact.

Give and take is everywhere, as long as we face the choice of advance and retreat, face, face trade-offs, face all sorts of decisions, will involve the give and take of the problem. When we communicate with others, speak or listen to is that we must choose the problem.

What is more, listen, or more good, depends on the situation. People experience in interpersonal relationships in speaking, listening is more important than that.

A good listener is easily accepted by people, but also...

22 Jan 2013
If, we don't meet each other, the end of the story will be called once and domination?

If, we don't meet each other, the fate of the roulette will run the original track?

If, we don't meet each other, the future does not have so much if?

Linger in this cold season, knitting the story ended, the heart a little bit sad, also want to cry a little. Perhaps, we encounter is doomed to this life pass by, just like a particular scene, staged a particular plot, and the love each other home finally turned into a mutual numb.

Heart, accumulation of your memory stack has a stack; sad, quietly growing in static rustling in the night. I think thoughts, like the wind and rain from the heart...

16 Jan 2013
Warm carefully around the pool, continue to go home alone in the solemn night discomposed. The boys hearty laughter and girls mischievous brat sound from far and near, dba2a02ek bicycle squeak through the uneven pavement. Warm subconsciously to hide in the roadside, gently around the car. Is the elder brother! One bright bloom in her eyes and quickly. My brother said he would send Lisa home, let me find a classmate to go home, brother really good loves leeza, that and his equally good girl. Thought of here, warm biting rosy and sharp lip slightly bowed his head, and in her white and Liao slipped slightly yellowed pink edge clamp in a ray of the ear, but unable to hide her sad helpless eyes.

Oh dear. Dress very clearly a small mud flower...

31 Dec 2012
When your physical damage ( such as facial scarification ), your body will be the formation of scar tissue, it better than the original muscle tougher, more rough. Scar tissue dba1a01ek is designed to form a protective effect of skin or shell, is to ensure that the same places will not hurt the natural way. If an ill-fitting shoes rub your feet the sensitive parts, first is the result of the feeling of pain, continue to friction, this site will form a cocoon, a protective shell. This is to prevent further pain and injury of the nature conservation act.

We are hurt when, often adopt the same method. Form a kind of emotional or spiritual " Scar " to protect themselves. We may well become a hardness of heart, on the outside of apathy,...

14 Dec 2012
China audio and video industry technology and Application Trend Forum ( AVF ), is one of China audio and video industry authoritative guidance forum. So far, this the conference digital tv player has been successfully held eight sessions, this forum is an important platform of industry development trend, over the years, this platform has become China's audio and video products, technology, application fields development of the compass, for the industry development made important contribution. The conference has always been to " feel the pulse of the industry changes, accelerate the transformation and upgrading, to display the latest science and technology, innovation and application for the purpose of the imagination ". Audio video...

04 Dec 2012
Like hugging, love and beloved people embrace the feeling; say nothing, do nothing, just quietly embrace, for a long time not to leave; it seems that the only way to realize, cystal with lover become reality. At that moment, believe that time will also stop for us.

That can make you rely on the chest must be very warm, the shoulder must be very solid. Or why you cry, cystal always want to find a shoulder to rely on; in fact, it is more like a hug. Embrace, the heart will fill a sweet feeling, embrace the feeling is real and safe, because the hug is a temperature, hug has the sound.

There are many: hug embrace between lovers, is a happy sweet; marital embrace, is understanding; embrace between friends, kris00 is the intimate trust; after...

29 Nov 2012
Life, a struggle, forge ahead, to the spirit

Smile relieved, with simple, tv media player ordinary conception

In order to live, we be forced to leave one's hometown, away from friends and relatives, many times the wordless sad and frustrated, you can only a person silently carry, silently in the reinforced concrete of the city is filled with joy or sorrow tears, live weight, a shoulder, pain and pain you have to move, because this is a calendar Shuo and growth.

Life, is a castle, you have to give yourself cover a not expose to wind and rain shelter, the shelter structure you in addition to elaborate arrangement, dvd creator had to do what little one can to help them, can not be missed, not to collapse, whether you ability size, male or...