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29 Nov 2012
Life, a struggle, forge ahead, to the spirit

Smile relieved, with simple, tv media player ordinary conception

In order to live, we be forced to leave one's hometown, away from friends and relatives, many times the wordless sad and frustrated, you can only a person silently carry, silently in the reinforced concrete of the city is filled with joy or sorrow tears, live weight, a shoulder, pain and pain you have to move, because this is a calendar Shuo and growth.

Life, is a castle, you have to give yourself cover a not expose to wind and rain shelter, the shelter structure you in addition to elaborate arrangement, dvd creator had to do what little one can to help them, can not be missed, not to collapse, whether you ability size, male or female, the castle to firm incomparable, you have the best to pay, this point need not buy coagulates, believe in yourself is power.

Life, it is good, it is cruel, because it is a better tomorrow, can have endless hope, cruel is because it is a competitive, the winner can be based on an invincible position, give yourself a better display their talent on the stage, and this stage depends on your attitude to life, how do you according to life, life will be how to treat you.

We have too many things for himself incapable of action, those things well, but as the things you have done? To own a good heart, establish good moral character, less cheating, more sincere, these are not the reason, it is very simple, you can do it?

In the middle of the night there is always can't sleep time, which I have experience greatly, so this time I should think what? I used to work for the day to sum up, there are those places do not, tomorrow should be how to do? This day I call to who, who called me? Can't sleep. If you can think of these, it is not used, this is the taste of life begins.

No man would want to have some problems in life, old haunt her, but you have to understand, want to know you each do one thing, situation, it gives you what the consequences, you how ability to bear? Even if you have the courage to face? Is it right? You should think thrice before acting, including nonsense words, will make you in trouble, bring disaster, do you believe?

Don't think the world except you are a fool, are smarter than you are too much, when you feel bad when you might have family, drilling arrangement good trap, as soon as you step inside, remember, there is no free lunch.

Life, just like an old man, we should study it survival skills, and reading it immortal life, it is a rule, it is the trend of power, which is derived from the human - not the old legend, we are not God, can not but retaining a fart, nor can live forever life, just like you, then how to go, only that your romantic life let future generations to evaluate.

You and I have only one life, no afterlife, free video converter the next life if there is, who do not know who, sutra, I kind of number of causality, the afterlife will repay. A man was, the Millennium cycle, and dust to dust, earth to earth, we are all mortal traveler, with edge practice, open world, loess buried only gentleman body, a thousand years not to meet the students, such as no have you watched?

I appreciate the hard work and plain living people, they love life, and dare to struggle in life hardships and dangers, they are hard-working, kind-hearted, with both in the land of the living work of hope, harvest, harvest and joy, they, despite suffering, do not bow to fate, solid go to live a simple and happy life.

We are the children of the earth, to inherit the Chinese nation, our generation is laborious and brave, we, in this piece of fertile land green land, the history of the inscribed with the fathers bloody monument, go down to posterity story page recorded their fresh name, we have been in the five-star red flag fluttering in the wind under oath thunderous applause, in before flying dream sail, parents eyes migrate, remember that once lofty vows? Heat the life it as you will write to a pen?

Nothing can compete with time, also do not have anything to do with time with the cycle of the seasons, evergreen, can not go back to yesterday, today is the tomorrow forever, tomorrow is acquired Memorial, how much youth stand we squander? Life is very short, back is life, when we think constantly of chase glory, splendour, wealth and rank ladder, you have to stand on solid ground of the ordinary and real? When the happiness from you with extreme ease when you, is it right? Do not know to have and hold?

We have been looking for a happy life, shelter, we indomitable head broken and bleeding, we wind go in rain events, but sometimes we have gone through thousands of privilege of suffering, only to find out that we are only from the end of back to the starting point, has neglected the most simple truth, that is to stand on solid ground.

Life, is life, it includes business, love, family, friendship, any kind of unreal pursuit and embezzlement, it will make you injured all over the body, scarred, and let your life become lacking spirit of cooperation, no vitality, to miss the life courage and hope, cannot withstand a single blow.

I love in life taste of life, more love in life experience life, my heart is small, small to as long as you give me a smile, I am grateful to life bring me all the gifts, I am very grateful to those in my life with me together people, because of your gifts to make I know what is touched and calm, because of your dedication and help let me understand what is the meaning of life.


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