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04 Dec 2012
Like hugging, love and beloved people embrace the feeling; say nothing, do nothing, just quietly embrace, for a long time not to leave; it seems that the only way to realize, cystal with lover become reality. At that moment, believe that time will also stop for us.

That can make you rely on the chest must be very warm, the shoulder must be very solid. Or why you cry, cystal always want to find a shoulder to rely on; in fact, it is more like a hug. Embrace, the heart will fill a sweet feeling, embrace the feeling is real and safe, because the hug is a temperature, hug has the sound.

There are many: hug embrace between lovers, is a happy sweet; marital embrace, is understanding; embrace between friends, kris00 is the intimate trust; after quarreling embrace, representative compromise and forgive; meet after embrace, represents thoughts and emotion; the hug before parting, on behalf of dismay and hope.

Embrace, is silent language; embrace, is the most simple acceptance and recognition; hug, each was needed, needed by others 's time, is one of the most valuable time.

When a woman from behind holding you, please not to move a step, and turned around, tightly holding your woman. Because, when a woman from behind affection to hold you, conba to represent her own body and mind to give you, the embrace, with so much love.

When a man from behind and hug my woman, two people feel warm and sweet; when a woman from the back hold their own men, women pray in silence, and the man is the heart of the restoration and quiet.

I am tired when you hold me, in the tired, want you around, without too many words, kife just a hug, zaikuzailei is worth!


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