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14 Dec 2012
China audio and video industry technology and Application Trend Forum ( AVF ), is one of China audio and video industry authoritative guidance forum. So far, this the conference digital tv player has been successfully held eight sessions, this forum is an important platform of industry development trend, over the years, this platform has become China's audio and video products, technology, application fields development of the compass, for the industry development made important contribution. The conference has always been to " feel the pulse of the industry changes, accelerate the transformation and upgrading, to display the latest science and technology, innovation and application for the purpose of the imagination ". Audio video forum has been the Ministry departments have strong support, has been the full affirmation and praise, the annual session of the audio and video forum has its position in the industry, one is the company 's concern and support, on the other hand from its characteristics, the industry covers many key areas and, but also reflects the more around the industrial development of the various aspects of sound, so the audio and video forum has a strong vitality, is the audio and video industry the highest level, the most authoritative, the most professional forum. Attending the forum leaders have more than 200, not only the state departments of the leading, main body of industry business representatives, and matching pieces of the leader of the enterprise delegate, video industry chain enterprises as well as representatives of Research Institute, University of famous experts and scholars.

The beginning of the meeting, China Video Industry Association vice president and Secretary Bai Weimin representative Piper Jaffray and made splendid report, report to the " 2012 video industry development review and future prospect of " for the problem, not only for this year's audio and video industry to do an in-depth analysis, but also the focus of the development trend of next year. White director points out, enter twenty-first Century, China color TV industry into the digital technology, flat panel display, energy saving and environmental protection, and intelligent network, product integration of content and development of industrial restructuring and upgrading new phase, second venture and a new round of industry layout, free youtube downloader will affect the whole electron information industry, become software integrated circuit, electronic information industry the most dynamic industries. And emphasizes the video industry to accelerate structural adjustment, change the business model, accelerating technological innovation, extend the industrial chain layout, build industrial agglomeration effect and scale effect and achieved certain progress. Special emphasis on industry development key opportunities and challenges, hand with color television intelligent upgrade will produce new ecological chain, need to establish new industrial order. The most important thing is to have new corresponding standard, while the operating system and the chip is smart TV key core technology so that two aspects should be paid more attention to; on the other hand, with environmental protection energy saving direction of attention, consumption to upgrade; on one hand China color TV manufacturers should take the international Road, firmly grasp the current opportunities, speeding up overseas market brand construction. Especially in power are very weak when, need more in the spirit of mutual benefit and win-win principle, unity and cooperation, common independent brand to international markets; the last white chief emphasis should be multi-directional cooperation, promote the healthy development of video industry; to improve the mainland TV industry chain construction, promoting the healthy development of color TV industry, it is necessary to strengthen the extensive exchanges and cooperation, especially to play in the mainland and Taiwan in intelligent television industry chain of complementary advantage.

The last white director points out association will continue to play a role of bridge, maintain industry interest, strengthen industrial construction, promote enterprise independent innovation, standard setting, for the government and enterprises to provide various forms of trade activities and services, better organizational strength of industry, promote the technical innovation of enterprises. To further promote the new display industry ecological chain construction, seize the strategic opportunity of industrial development, scientific development, steady work, movie player to realize the " Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period of China's electronics industry 's grand goal and continue to work hard.

As the implementation of the national " home appliance repair services management approach " policy supporting industry measures, " flat TV set installation service " was formally promulgated, China Video Industry Association vice president and deputy secretary-general Hao Yabin of this specification, Hao deputy secretary-general points out installation service standard is normative market television installation maintenance the rights and interests of consumers, an urgent need, but also stated in the standard installation service contents and main installation service personnel qualification, focusing on TV installation services task not only includes a flat TV set installation procedures, but also includes a flat TV set the tone and processes. This standard is not only to maintain the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and producers; and for consumer protection and law enforcement departments of administration according to law, provides the industry system of reference.


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