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31 Dec 2012
When your physical damage ( such as facial scarification ), your body will be the formation of scar tissue, it better than the original muscle tougher, more rough. Scar tissue dba1a01ek is designed to form a protective effect of skin or shell, is to ensure that the same places will not hurt the natural way. If an ill-fitting shoes rub your feet the sensitive parts, first is the result of the feeling of pain, continue to friction, this site will form a cocoon, a protective shell. This is to prevent further pain and injury of the nature conservation act.

We are hurt when, often adopt the same method. Form a kind of emotional or spiritual " Scar " to protect themselves. We may well become a hardness of heart, on the outside of apathy, shrink to a protective shell.

A lot of people body did not hurt, but in the heart have the emotional scars, it will also impact on personality. These people used to have a personal injury, in order to prevent from injury to this area, they formed the spirit of the thick cocoon and emotional scars to protect self. However, this scar tissue not only " protect " he's no longer the person, also " protection " against other people he. An emotional walls built thereon, whether friend or enemy can't pass.

Like a face scarred man, much against the original injury, may make us more vulnerable, but also in other parts of more injury, we built a wall to prevent someone, they always for guard state, in order to prevent further exclusion and pain, china business study they take the initiative to attack.

To prevent emotional hurt, please follow the following three principles:

Make yourself strong to be the level of threat.

Confident and responsible attitude to you with no chink in one's armour.

Easily avoid emotional harm.

Implementation of the above three principles, we can prevent the emotional scars. But in the past has formed the emotional scars - past hurt, resentment, anger, regret -- Chinese management program and how to handle? Once formed an emotional scar, there is only one way, that is to eliminate it, like the elimination of flesh wounds.


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