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16 Jan 2013
Warm carefully around the pool, continue to go home alone in the solemn night discomposed. The boys hearty laughter and girls mischievous brat sound from far and near, dba2a02ek bicycle squeak through the uneven pavement. Warm subconsciously to hide in the roadside, gently around the car. Is the elder brother! One bright bloom in her eyes and quickly. My brother said he would send Lisa home, let me find a classmate to go home, brother really good loves leeza, that and his equally good girl. Thought of here, warm biting rosy and sharp lip slightly bowed his head, and in her white and Liao slipped slightly yellowed pink edge clamp in a ray of the ear, but unable to hide her sad helpless eyes.

Oh dear. Dress very clearly a small mud flower bloom, must be brother after practice up, his eyes only the bright eyes of the girl, can't see me, warm looked sadly at the small mud, suddenly want to go near the water wash it.

The pool was beautiful! Gentle moonlight spilled path like silver, serviced apartment hong kong the pool of shadow in the summer cool wind in his dance, shining. All of these make warm feel like walking in a holy silver carpet, leading to a fairy tale when sealed in a transparent crystal moon. Then he sat down in the pool, thin leg very natural down, dipping to the cold pool water. He that has a good thin tape and grass color sandals and comfortable in the water shaking a body, luring a moon with his dance. Warm stooped to water lifted in the skirt, mud and mixed cropping a bunch of, like her this haze mood. Such a beautiful night, brother to accompany the sunlight flavor girl, rather than their own. In fact, Lisa is also very good, so beautiful, so bright, so clever, he is a boy will like him. Warm themselves do not know you like him? Or hate him, but this time envy prevailed. If it wasn't for her brother, don't take his beloved white skirts get flowers, if it wasn't for her, brother is not like before loving her, thought of here, warm and hard up and severely put down, spray flying like frozen tears, in the air across the beautiful. The water splash in the eye, a drop into two series, from her cheeks slide memory in mind, my brother bought for her ice cream, in Lisa before his own bicycle, autumn basketball game brother outstanding performance and stood holding the clothes to cheer themselves, that silly child. But the most memorable was the warm with wild rose flowers in the afternoon, my brother chased him around the tank running. Brother deliberately keep a little distance and wear thin strap sandals themselves, make themselves full of panic and exciting rush, for fear of being brother catch. Run tired of sitting on the edge of the water, put his feet in the Lan Yingying pool, cool very comfortable. All of a sudden warm a shoe string broke, it just like the lovely shoes flower that sank into the full sunset Yu Xin 's pool of water. Then his brother back home, this picture has led his own slowly grow up.

Warm suddenly thought of the shoe in the bottom of the pool must be very lonely, she should go with her. Then she would stand up, with open arms, best china business course in the muddy white dress lightly on jumping, put the letter to the moon in the crystal.

The end of the story we thought, at that moment the warm water, is anxious to find her brother saw, then saved her. Warm tears that, shoes are very lonely, I want to go with her, he and I together is very happy, like you and Lisa. My brother knows sister is almost overbearing love with its dependence, silently take off a shoe gently in the water said, those are my shoes with your shoes, he won't be lonesome, they will be very happy together, as we two one.

At that moment, the warm pool at has been blisters clean dress and that only gradually sink shoes, as if returned to the rose fragrance of the afternoon, a lake Lan Yingying water ah Akira Akira ah, very happy.


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