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22 Jan 2013
If, we don't meet each other, the end of the story will be called once and domination?

If, we don't meet each other, the fate of the roulette will run the original track?

If, we don't meet each other, the future does not have so much if?

Linger in this cold season, knitting the story ended, the heart a little bit sad, also want to cry a little. Perhaps, we encounter is doomed to this life pass by, just like a particular scene, staged a particular plot, and the love each other home finally turned into a mutual numb.

Heart, accumulation of your memory stack has a stack; sad, quietly growing in static rustling in the night. I think thoughts, like the wind and rain from the heart stirred layers of ripples, microwave.

Time is passing slowly, swim in water, in time, those who had had become a reality, then, I learn to be quiet sadness, learned all traces of the past have run to the light text, until slowly old, slowly forget ... ...

Recently do not know why, always remember those who have dreams, think of those who have sung songs, also think of those who had quietly vows, each to here, my heart will always have a sense of pain, about having memory, forgotten, far away; for now memories, numb also, heartache.

Experiencing so much grief at separation and joy in Union, finally understand, involuntarily, the original thing in the world, not the memory, is not the distance, but memories.

Always can not help but think, online ups power manufacturer could not help but silence, can not help but sad, could not help too much, not to say, is not to explain, can only use the bitter tears, over and over again, put it out.

In the sky, rain falling gently, gently brushed my lonely figure, and I can't avoid it gentle hug, I just stood there, letting the trace of light hit my face into the warm tears, a string and a string of back into the heart.

Only a short while ago, immersed in your every twinkle and smile; only a short while ago, moved by your subtle thoughtful. Now, they have become my sadness of spring, no matter how I go to jam, always have so a crack, quietly to miss the disaster caused by flooding water, the river of sorrow.

My mind does not appear to have long, as if frozen in yesterday so clear, remember to stay with you a bit, repressed thoughts suffocating heart pain, original, best wishes to more pain than tears.

Often feel, if I did not meet you, but you never met me, we is it right? Will be back before, each other are still boys and optimistic girl.

The world, the so-called if too much, for students and pain, hurt by love. Perhaps, we are confused, wandering, the plot may be constant, although already yellow very fuzzy, but still put in orbit, if lost, injured, they sing to the end of love, the curtain, the use of silence to the interpretation of sorrow.

If, we don't meet each other, how can I feel this deep sorrow.

If, we don't meet each other, how can I taste the eternal youth.

Smile to say to you: Thank you, I wish you happiness.


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