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28 Feb 2013
Recently, China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association micromotor Branch issued a micro motor industry last year's economic data. Data shows, the industry total industrial output value, sales revenue, total profit indicators remain relatively grow substantially, at present China has become the world's largest micro motor manufacturing base teco brushless dc motor.

Wolong Holding Group Co., Ltd., Zhangqiu Haier Motor Co. Ltd., Zhongshan ocean motor Limited by Share Ltd and a number of domestic have considerable size and strength of the enterprise, by transforming the management mechanism, the innovation management system, has a strong comprehensive strength and good brand awareness. In recent years, technological transformation of a large capital investment for many enterprises, the introduction of foreign advanced production equipment and testing equipment, improve product quality and stability. The ability to develop new products have greatly improved, and the formation of the volume production ability.

The rapid expansion of the scale of market

The association from the authority was informed that, last year 772 micro motor manufacturing enterprises employing up to about 200000 people, total industrial output value of 67464000000 yuan, an increase of 30.04; sales revenue 65130000000 yuan, an increase of 28.23; export delivery value of 24806000000 yuan, an increase of 13.97; industrial products sales rate of 96.54, new product output value rate of 10.02, export delivery value rate of 38.09, industrial added value rate of 25.07, the total assets profit rate reaches 6.74., the loss-making enterprises 104, accounted for 13.47 of the loss, the loss amounted to 233000000 yuan

According to the General Administration of Customs provides information, micro motor import volume reached 19870000 units, an increase of 8.96; the total amount of $864000000, a year-on-year growth of 16.27. export volume reached 177230000 units, an increase of 25.46; the total amount of $2240000000, a year-on-year growth of 41.99.

From the position of micro-motor enterprise distribution of view, the market demand and occupy the advantage of export enterprises in coastal area development is rapid; most enterprises are concentrated in Bohai area in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and ring.

With the scale of production information network and audio-visual field, household appliances, industrial field of kinds of micro motor micro motor enterprises mainly in the Pearl River Delta, products for brush DC motor, brushless DC motor, single-phase asynchronous motor, plastic motor, products accounted for 10 of similar products

The Yangtze River Delta region is the most concentrated areas of enterprise permanent magnetic materials production in China, micro motor and motor parts, industrial supporting capacity gradually mature.

At present, with the development of international micro motor market to the domestic transfer, foreign capital enterprise is still the subject of micro motor industry. For example, Mabuchi Motor Corporation is the world's largest micro motor production enterprises, annual production capacity of 2000000000 units. Dechang motor in micro motor and drive subsystem world leader, production of the motor and the actuator 3000000, annual production capacity of more than 1000000000, which accounted for 50 of automobile micromotor

In addition, micro motor industry of our country in Taiwan region has made great development, products from development to brush motor brushless spindle motor, precision stepper motor, servo motor, the production of micro motor manufacturing equipment and testing instrument has high level.

Technology in the low-end

From the current development trend of the industry point of view, in industrial facilities and production capacity, with market competitiveness, but the level of technology compared with developed countries there is still a large gap teco dc motor speed control.

Experts said, China's micro motor manufacturers, enterprises are mostly small and medium sized enterprises, can not form scale economy, and the lack of product technology content, weak competitiveness, product quality uneven. Overall, the vast majority of enterprises in the production scale, product development and other aspects, is still at a low level.


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