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21 Jul 2011
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Dew the shop employee who lives at the shop according to sha Shenzhen is straightforwarder: after “Da Vinci event, many consumers will inquire that we the commodity will be the import, one kind will not trust the feeling, we very much will also understand consumer's mood, but we had not said luckily will be the imported goods.” plays “the domestically produced card” the marketing strategy has moved to similarly from the line on-line, in Shenzhen real estate information network and so on the local forum,Tin Box appeared many solid wooden has had custom-made furniture's card, but occupied, furniture markets and so on Shenzhen family harmony in abundance to paste each kind of domestically produced furniture's preferential benefit advertisement peaceful.

marks “the domestic product” in abundance “in Shenzhen, imports the furniture share from Europe and America to account for the market total quantity the proportion also less than 10%. In addition has the part is from national imports and so on Indonesia, Philippines.”Chinese furniture association tradition furniture specialized committee presidium president, Guangdong Province furniture chamber of commerce council carried out association president, Shenzhen commissar of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference to wear has given reporter patriotically this kind of digit. “the globalization causes the furniture production to present the division of labor, designed, the production in Europe and America to be less purely.”

but enters the domestic any furniture market,Office Furniture Desk can let the human feel that enters World Expo's European and American conference site by mistake. Furniture commercial all kinds of “edge ball”, puts on “the foreign-style clothing” for the domestically produced brand. Takes one to have the foreign-tasting name, is “the edge ball” the most common fighting method. Other such as enlarges the import in the propaganda the spare part, in overseas to register “the handbag” the company, to use methods and so on skull foreign brand to be also common. “looks like we such ordinary consumer, does not have the specialized knowledge, will not pay attention slightly will be flickered.”

Residential Miss Feng wants to choose a model of bed in the century center sweet lake shop, but her some hesitations: “buys the import fearing to deceive now, buys the domestic product to fear that the quality is not good.” in good hundred year furniture market two buildings,LED Lights Supplier a solid wooden metal products shop brand name by “the US” opening, but majority commodity production habitats for domestic. On shop employee's name card, the company title does not see “the US” the phrase, but in propaganda book, then indicates this company to be authorized by the American Parent company.

Facing reporter's inquiry, the shop employee quite vigilant acknowledged that the corporate name should by “Shenzhen” the opening, and declared the product quality does not lose to parent company's product. facing consumer's question, many metal products shops has taken off “the foreign-style clothing”.

In the good hundred years live, live in contentment happily,taylor made suits in the century center sweet lake shop these three furniture market, on each furniture's price ticket explicitly sectioned out has produced the habitat, the majority for Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Huizhou and so on domestic city, including some foreign-tasting full furniture brand, marked the product to be from the home.


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