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31 Aug 2011
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 Shoots the rib mother-of-pearl shell the shell median size, the chitin is thin, the shell shape is slightly slanting, assumes the square shape most, but also has the anomalous shape. The shell both sides different, two shells slightly different, shoots the rib mother-of-pearl shell lower valve to be raised, the upper valve is slightly even. The first ear is obvious, the latter ear slightly obviously or is not obvious.

The shell table assumes the purple, the yellow or the tan, some blue color either the green radiozone, or mix have the white radiozone.wholesale fashion jewellery The thorn is dense, crisp fritter. Inside the shell the nacreous layer has the blue color either the purple brilliance, the edge assumes the purple or brown. The adductor mark assumes the bottle gourd shape, or slightly near ellipse.

Dioecism. life habitual shoots the rib mother-of-pearl shell to belong to the tropics sea species, generally perches nearby tidal zone low-water mark and under the moist line the epicontinental sea sea area, adheres to stick cohere by the byssus on the epicontinental sea rock or the coral.LED strip lights Take filters the food plankton and the organic detritus as food, this species are not belong are the manual cultivation species, still belonged to the wild species, the process tests and studies this species its main application: Edible, for medicinal purposes, cultivation pearl and so on

Osseous system about the shell minute two pieces, are the mantle secrete, the principal constituent is the calcium carbonate (accounts for 95%) and the few shell innate nature. Protects internal organs' function in shell body's exterior. Muscular system mainly for the adductor, receives in full myo-, lifts the full muscle and the coat muscle. The adductor located at the body middle the back side,Relocation Company is big, slightly assumes the ellipse;

The anterior retractor is small, located at the body front end under the umbo, latter receives in full myo- big, near circular, connects with the latter adductor. Lifts the foot myo- to be small, adheres to stick cohere in the umbo nest the anterior retractor rear area.

The coat muscle derives by the beaming center part, the branch becomes the fibrous root shape tiny to the entire mantle edge department emission. digesting system digesting system including mouth, esophagus, stomach, intestines, digestion caecum and anus and so on. Mouth located at inside and outside labellum's base central committee. Assumes the ellipse.

The mouth rear area is flat and the short esophagus. The stomach assumes saccate, outside is surrounded by Huang Lvse's digestion caecum the package. Stomach wall non-Muscular tissue, only then stomach shield. It is the thick skin material which has one kind to be able to fall off is composed of the stomach epidermis, plays protects stomach's secretory cell role. The stomach endophragm has the ditch and the fold.

The belonite body stretches out from the stomach pole pouch enters in the gastral cavity to be in the relative position with the stomach shield,International Moving the digestion. The digestion caecum assumes Huang Lvse or brown, by the narrow tube which many pass connected is composed, behind each narrow tube is the caecum, front end opens the mouth by an about pair of drive pipe in the stomach, has in the absorption nutrition and the cell the digestion.

After the intestinal tract from stomach's, thoracic and abdominal area stretches out, as downward after abdomen ji, the maneuver returns folds before the back pricardial coelom back rear area, puts on the internal organs group to become the rectum. Rectum along adductor rear area straight, to adductor terminal aperture, then becomes the anus. The rectum terminal has 1 tall and slender, the willow tree leaf-shape anus membrane.


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