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19 Sep 2011
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2nd, the domestic lamps and lanterns enterprise international market competitive power strengthens unceasingly. In recent years, the overseas large-scale lamps and lanterns enterprises entered China one after another, like European first big lamps and lanterns manufacturer Philips Corporation has established the lamps and lanterns Joint venture in Shanghai, American Lamps and lanterns Manufacturer Thorn Corporation successively in Guangzhou and Tianjin establishment Sole-source investment enterprise and so on.

These lamps and lanterns enterprise entered and was stationed in has brought the international advanced lamps and lanterns production and the design idea, is “was good at imitating” the Zhejiang Province lamps and lanterns enterprise has provided the short distance study opportunity, thus has led own technical standards and the design level enhancement.

In addition,LED Spot Light Manufacturer the developed country resident proposed to the lamps and lanterns the new request, the pursue “the function will subdivide, high technologizing, multi-purpose, the design fashion, to conserve energy the link to guarantee” and so on ideas also to form to the high-end decorative lighting's new demand, this also will be the potential market space which the Chinese Lamps and lanterns Enterprise will have. 3rd, emerging market's development promoted the export growth. Along with dealt with the international trade barrier ability unceasing enhancement, the Zhejiang Province illumination enterprise has enlarged to the emerging market development dynamics.

The first third quarter, Zhejiang Province to Latin American, Russia and so on emerging market's development has made the very good progress, particularly Russia, exports lamps and lanterns 0.6 US dollars, grows 1.2 times, the growth is exceptionally strong,LED Flood Light Manufacturer thus has drawn lamps and lanterns' export.

What is worth paying attention, the domestic lamps and lanterns profession still faced the enterprise size to be small, market competitiveness weak embarrassing situation. Statistics indicated that our country Ou Pu, Lei Shi, Buddha according to, the TCL illumination and so on first 10 illuminate the enterprise to hold the market share altogether less than 13%, the enterprise strength dispersion causes the independent research and development ability low, the deficient core technologies, the product added value not to be high.

If the present LED lamp illumination's core patent by Japan's date Asia, Toyota is synthesized basically, the winter iris, the American branch is sharp, companies and so on Germany Ou Silang control, but these companies use the innate core patent, arranged the strict patent network to limit other national LED lamps and lanterns development. Therefore, the breakthrough core technologies,LED Ceiling Light Manufacturer reduced the technical cost already to become the bottleneck which the domestic lamps and lanterns profession will develop in the future.

Therefore suggested: 1st, expands the science and technology input, masters the core technologies, the advancement industrial upgrading, enhances the product the added value and the competitive power; 2nd, the guidance domestic illumination enterprise speeds up the reorganization and the conformity, enhances the industrial concentration degree, strengthens the cultivation to have the independent brand and the independent innovation ability Major industry, the promotion enterprise international competitiveness; 3rd, the optimization the export market structure, develops the multiplication overseas market positively, scattered trade risks.

The Ningbo Cixi is one of national biggest outdoors lamps and lanterns production bases, according to the Cixi examination quarantine bureau statistics, 1~ in October, the Cixi area altogether exports lamps and lanterns product 7834 batch, goods value 209,000,000 US dollars this year, grows 25.3% separately compared to the same period and 39.4%. And, the energy conservation environmental protection lamps and lanterns export growth is swift and violent, becomes the new luminescent spot which the Cixi lamps and lanterns export.

jinnian qian 10 ge yue, Cixi conserves energy the lamps and lanterns export to reach 786 batch, goods value 15,445,200 US dollars, grows 94.6% separately compared to the same period and 80.33%, the product mainly includes the solar energy lamp and the LED lamp and so on.


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