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20 Oct 2011
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Bohai news special report five days of "jade jewelry art collection exhibition " today at the Tangshan International Convention and Exhibition center. The show covered jewelry jade, stone carving wood carving, sand painting, classical furniture and many other plates, exhibited works of great value to the collection and a greater appreciation of space. Over 300 exhibitors from home and abroad, to bring tens of thousands of pieces of exhibits, is the city 's largest jewellery show.

The author in the exposition site, in view of Tangshan profound cultural foundation and strong artistic atmosphere, attracted Beijing, Tianjin, Shenyang and Qinhuangdao, Baoding province and outside the country and collectors, friends quickly and to gather. In the booth,Water slide with appreciation, collection, communication is the study of the joy. Gem exhibition works fine, rare treasures very valuable.

And Tian Yuzhong is white jade and Tian Yuzhong need, after masters of extraordinary creativity and careful carving, the value of its collection of more appreciation of space; jade jewelry in rich colors proud to jewelry, prime for the love from all walks of life, there is the ancient "towards the door inlaid with jade" custom, is also a kind of identity symbol; various red sapphire, tourmaline, amber, crystal, agate products contests. Fujian Shoushan stone research may bring treasures are rare rare large weight Tian Huangshi and quartz, Bloodstone and other famous works, including the master classics.

Jiangsu Yixing purple famous and well-known domestic home of painting and calligraphy calligraphy originator mystery Zhang Licai, China National Academy of painting and calligraphy Chinese painting and Calligraphy Institute Vice President president emeritus professor Wang Dapeng works by the vast number of collectors attention. Shoushan stone, Qingtian stone carving, Xiuyan,Plastic wood Huanglong jade, Lingbi jade stone, embroidery, Miao, Anhui bamboo slips, carved olive, Duan boutique; from Vietnam origin well-election materials, Diaogong delicate, both practical and ornamental classical rosewood furniture debut in this exhibition; Fujian Zhejiang wood carving Gendiao art originality, fine workmanship, popular. Thailand, Nepal, Afghanistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan and other Southeast Asian ethnic crafts for all the elders have highly exotic various works of art.

Identification of free consultation, free parking, can brush calorie of consumption. Daily top 500 viewers can receive Austria crystal a.

Recently, the author learned in Guangdong Huizhou City, covers an area of 3000 square meters, a total construction area of 16140 square meters of the southern Huizhou Po building completed. This marks the Huizhou" build mainly to jade jewelry center" step forward one step.

Huizhou, is a famous historical city. Here is the link to Shenzhen city and Dongguan city link, a special geographical advantage. In recent years, Huizhou economy got unprecedented development, jade jewelry industry development is swift and violent.Playground equipment Here is the jade, but jade production but have long enjoyed a good reputation, the most representative of Huizhou city is Huiyang South treasure jade craft Limited company.

South treasure jade 's predecessor was founded in 1992 in South treasure jade shopping mall, South Bao jade plant. 2003 was formally established in Huizhou City, Huiyang South treasure jade craft Limited company. After nearly 20 years of efforts, South Bao jade Huizhou set to become the jade processing, wholesale, retail as one of the prestigious jade jade processing enterprises.

As the Huizhou jade industry leading enterprises, promote the spirit of South treasure jade jade culture, jade members, to Yu Chuande's philosophy, the principle of "good faith management, eliminate fake, quality first, service forever" commitment, first-class professionals, advanced processing equipment, superb production technology as the core competitiveness, products subject to rich, technology creative trend, selling products throughout the country, but also exported to the United States and East asia.

In 1999, China's private enterprises BrandName Singapore Asia exhibition, 2001 on behalf of Huizhou National BrandName to participate in the Shenzhen fair, in 2003 on behalf of Huizhou private enterprises in Guangdong Province private enterprises BrandName Expo, 2004 on behalf of Huizhou small and medium enterprises to participate in Chinese small and medium-sized enterprises BrandName Expo 2009, representing Huizhou in Guangdong and Hong Kong and Macao BrandName exhibition.

Huizhou jade jewelry industry in the background of reform and open policy, from scratch, from there to the fine, to be an unprecedented development. Dan Nanbao jade products are decoration, playing pieces, accessories, bracelets, bracelets, jade ring face, Fozhu, signs and so on more than 10 species hundreds of styles. In order to build Huizhou into a jade jewelry center, 2010, South Bao Jade Technology Limited company to invest construction south treasure jade mansion.

South Po building, convenient traffic, near Shenzhen, metro line three Huiyang station. South City aortic gold Hui Avenue, west of Shenzhen Longgang city centre. The Shenzhen-Shantou, coastal, and deep, peaceful dragon, Hui O and other trunk highways traverse and, 3 minutes to reach the Shenzhen-Shantou high-speed water outlet, 10 minutes to reach deep benefit coastal highway exit, 30 minutes to reach the shore of the sea of Dayawan or the Shenzhen city.

This is a blend of jade aura of the building, a highlight of Huizhou jade industry building, a stone with a milepost. South treasure jade to the third floor of a large jewellery market, a total area of 4200 square meters, can accommodate business more than 100 households. Mainly engaged in jade, gold jewellery. The building was built for use, will enable the company to industrial scale expanded several times, effectively promote the Huizhou jade industry development, promote Huizhou as a new jade distribution form.


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