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23 Nov 2012
-- I want to be a tear down the wall, because, outside the wall is a distant and broad.

People ask: how do you appear in this world?

The answer: croblett because you need me. I give you shelter, for you to stop the invasion of wild animals. Because of me, croblett you will become master of the world.

People ask: why do you sometimes high and sometimes low, sometimes strong and weak?

The answer: I really can not answer this question. Because you have designed my image.

People ask: if you cover my eyes, so I can't see you in the wonderful world outside; if you block the wind and the beautiful harmony of the sunshine, make me feel the joy of life, babypanda1212 what would you say I should do.

Answer: wall cut through me, in me come out the windows...

20 Nov 2012
Sometimes, the time is close, the years but far; the years look close, but further time.

The same is quick, tablospy is also a non-return, but before sunset, twilight, but I did not find them. Running, chasing the pace of time, all the stories that give the time to listen to, so seriously.

Time and time seems sandarari to leave each other 's arm.

Years of every moment, contains the time old and tattered bitter; time every second, find the passage of time and clear blurred.

Pace, full of lonely; sigh, is weak.

Time seems to have more of a people is no emotion, too much time fragments memories connected, but not a complete picture of the group. The wind also performed here with the sadness of the symphony, played my frustration, revealing my...

15 Nov 2012
In real life, we are lack of appreciate sb.'s thought and transposition thinking, lack of awareness of life, sometimes he loves drill horn, ready to fly into a rage, strike violently, sometimes hurt import dependence his friend and I the best in all the land; some people are always thinking, failing to Rao, seek to prevail over others, but some people do good; he thought, immediate disregard long-term, do let parents sad; some people always complain about life, global energy structure think life is unfair to him, also sometimes complain not born in rich family, without gratitude instead and then become enemies with each other, it is often seen. Such examples, in our life always in there teco dc motor.

Some people suffer setbacks, will be...

09 Nov 2012
In only their own a corner to write their own secret, secret, actually is to own emotions, like in an open only in their place to cry out loud, loud cry cry, all not happy and happiness are poured out, hkind make your whole body and mind not absolutely empty, so heavy and overwhelmed.

Now put your arm around her, the feeling is so full, so warm. But all this is true? Even if it is true, but it can be a long time? Don't ask her, as a sentimental girl, she will not go to think of the future, even if she thought of later, to her fragile character, she also did not want to continue to think. But I like her? Can not.

In a heart pain, I am very grateful to her, she gives me a good medicine, with this feeling to obscure or even forget everything...

05 Nov 2012

One, tailored

According to their housing area LED manufacturer dab3d12ck and economic condition, taking in the decoration process required for some basic hardware, on such necessities as the initial estimation, and then according to their own investment budget to choose decoration company grade. For the standard type, namely people common basic decoration, you can find the construction ability of the decoration company, with the company on the programme should also pay attention to each other in this aspect of the strength and performance. As for the mid-range type, which in addition to the standard type outside the conventional thinking into the design of the decoration, you can find a design capacity of small and medium companies....

01 Nov 2012
Let 's take a "hard money " luxury packaging, it is difficult to find the market in france. In French eyes, in addition to product packaging to protect and illustrates the basic function, more attention should be paid to the environment protection, safety and economical. Even though expensive perfume, but a color paper with a paper bag; if a gift of wine, but wine plastic bag manufacturer help for life bottle with a color paper butterfly, beautiful appearance and environmental protection.

Development of packaging industry and focus on garbage treatment, is the French development of sustainable economy, circular economy is a long term strategy. In early 1975, the French according to the time of European community regulations developed...

21 Sep 2012
LED light emitting diode, LED energy-saving lamps is white high brightness light emitting diode light source, high luminous efficiency, less power consumption, long service life, maintenance free, easy control, safety and environmental protection; LED Lighting Company is a new generation of solid cold light source, light color and soft, beautiful, rich and colorful, low loss, low energy consumption, green environmental protection, application the family, shopping malls, banks, hospitals, hotels, hotel of his various public places long time lighting. No flash DC, on the eyes play a good role in the protection, is a table lamp, the flashlight is the best choice.

LED color and luminous efficiency and optical properties of semiconductor...

07 Sep 2012
Compared with the traditional light source, LED light source to the optical metric units are unified. In order to make the readers understand and easy to use, LED Dimmer dab5d58ck the related knowledge were briefly introduced:

One, the luminous flux

Luminous flux refers to the light source in a unit of time is the amount of light emitted from the radiation power, capable of being human feel that part of the radiation energy. It is equal to the unit time to a band of radiation energy and the band relative viewing rate of product. Since the human eye to different wavelengths of light relative to viewing rate is different, so different wavelengths of light radiation power is equal, google tv remote the luminous flux is not the same. Luminous...

26 Jul 2012

Detox Slimming PART 6: detox diet daily cheats

In 1, the stool is human intestinal toxins roots, to invade the body, reduce the human body immunity, and even the long-term constipation women often get pimples. There is a saying: " a day without defecation, wins three packs of cigarettes ". Crude fiber content of food can promote intestinal peristalsis, elimination of Supian, for example: whole wheat, oats, corn, celery.

2, the excessive movement or excessive fatigue,summer job you will feel the back leg pain, weakness, this is due to long time exercise or work produced in vivo lactate accumulation result. After exercise to do massage, stretching exercises, promote blood circulation, prevents the accumulation of lactic acid, ease the...

11 Jul 2012

Guangzhou City hung lee deputy general manager of Au Optronics Co Ding Feng times weekly to reporters:" now is the LED industry is relatively low, but relatively better than last year's business." In fact, LED lighting in road lighting and commercial lighting applications, already known. But the more attractive the civilian market opening, this really set the pace. Therefore, in the grim situation,Neo skin lab how to open domestic market, to become industry development key point.

LED civil market dilemma

The current LED lighting penetration number at around 3%, in the output value of more than 10%, the overall city infiltration rate is not high.

2011 has been a year of time of half, LED industry in the 15listing Corporation, these...