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08 Jun 2012

Real estate decoration development forum, the Ministry of housing and Urban-Rural Construction Policy Research Center Director Qin Hong believes, in the housing market, with professional skills, have good market reputation, a very good service quality, to provide good products that some enterprises,dab4c52ck will be in the hardbound room this market space in a growing share of. There is no denying that, along with the people living standard enhancement, the refined decoration housing must have great market space.

Brand driven by housing housing trend for most people the impression: brand enterprises + brand home furnishing materials = hardcover room, now from the big city to medium city spread, facing this is a progressively larger...

01 Jun 2012

Holiday wishes

The most sincere wishes

In my life, many people give me the knowledge, let my mind the source of wisdom; many people give me to be joyful, let me grow in the health. Here, I sincerely wish all around me happy every day, everything is smooth!

Full of joy "six one" finally came, this is our holiday. I wish the whole world of the healthy growth of children, happy to spend every day teco electric motor ac!

Most personalized greetings

" Six one"? Oh, it's a good day, all about my friends, forget the troubles! Make today the only transparent joy, so today only" sweet"! Come on, friends, bless" six one"," six one"!

There are 365 days in a year, there are one hundred day weekends, there are 100 days of holidays, removed...

25 May 2012

LED road lamp lighting series, the first road lighting energy saving of new concept, give full play to Wei Shi lighting scientific research and development advantages, to create a high efficiency energy-saving road lighting, the super service life, free maintenance cost multifunctional illuminance selection and excellent quality, novel design concept, and ordinary street lamp compared may70% above,dcb4a51kk if chosen as the new road lamps, can save one-time investment funds. The purpose of saving energy and environmental protection and beautiful

LED road lamp is the important part of city lighting, traditional street lamps used by high-pressure sodium lamp, high pressure sodium lamp integral polishing efficiency and low defect caused...

18 May 2012

Weight loss time to dinner eat less, this method is well known, but how to eat dinner can be thinner? Small make up now to teach you diet weight loss tips, grasp 5 big dinner to lose weight law,ocb1d2ccan and tells you what to eat for supper can lose weight, make you thin force immediately doubled!

Rule 1: Dinner dinner diet calorie intake to no more than 200card

Weight when day intake of1200 calories, allocation proportion for breakfast, lunch400card400 card, dinner 200card, fruit200card. Remember to eat high fiber and low calorie foods, can in the fewest calories to eat most things.

Dinner diet rule 2: late7 at the end of dinner

Suggestions Shou division in 7 before dinner or do not eat 3 hours before going to bed, so that the...

11 May 2012

Suitable for infant foot anatomical features of the sole design

In 1, double molding structure : the first half soft easy bending; the second part hard, prevent backward motion;

In 2, the shoe front 1/3arc curved groove design: along the foot midfoot bone arched section sole arc curved groove design, can guide the footsteps of gravity from the heel to the thumb right foot movement, and the soles of the feet along the section more easily bend;

3, special soles stable structure, damping antiskid: in special location in aseismic design, can not only guide the feet can be stable and balanced weight changes, special material structure can play a damping antiskid effect;

In 4, the elastic hard bottom: infants below the ankle bone seventy...

27 Apr 2012

For anybody who has ever wondered about the origins of Mothers' Day in the UK

Mothers' Day in the UK, traditionally known as 'Mothering Sunday', is believed to have originated from the 1600s and England was the first country in the world to dedicate a day for mothers.

It is known that about 400 years ago on this day people in villages would not visit their local church but would attend a large church,Yunzhi psp referred to as the 'mother church'. Visiting the mother church was referred to as gone 'a mothering', which may explain the traditional terminology 'Mothering Sunday'. The return to the 'mother church' became an occasion for family reunions with children who worked away from home. By the 19th century, Mothering Sunday had...

20 Apr 2012

Neolithic pottery, stone carving, jade carving has appeared in various shapes of the monster, Yakuza, Phoenix, turtles, birds, and moire, ripple, fret and other ornamentation also appeared first. The Shang, Zhou, spring and autumn and the Warring States period, the real meaning of the auspicious patterns in the class society is able to produce. Because in the class society, people's ideology has undergone tremendous changes,office furnitures with the level of technology make a spurt of progress, rich ideological content can be expressed by the objective. For example, the bronze ware Taotie, dragon grain, bird, like lines and other ornamentation, let a person feel not only to that particular age dignified elegance and mystery of ancient...

13 Apr 2012

The best option for many scenarios, remote access software provides you with an ability to remotely access and control your PC regardless of where you are. This means that you can practically use your PC as though you were sitting there near it. Remote access software operates using a LAN or an Internet connection, giving you the ability to control the remote PC and access its programs and files. This is very useful for remote support for example, providing you with the ability to easily support customers or colleagues remotely, in a real time mode. As you can probably imagine, this is a far more efficient way of providing customer support than trying to explain everything that they need to sort out over the telephone.

An average user,...

30 Mar 2012

LED road lamp standard


This standard stipulated LED ( light emitting diode ) lights definition, product classification, models and naming, technical requirements, test method, inspection rules and mark, manual, packaging, transportation and storage requirements.

This standard applies to250V DC power supply or1000V AC power supply road, road, tunnel lighting and other outdoor public places in Dongguan Dalang LED street lamps lighting project with LED ( light emitting diode ) lights.

Special technical requirements

1lamps electrical properties

LED road lamp in a nominal rated supply voltage and the rated frequency operation, the actual power consumption and rated power difference should not be greater than 10%,Bluetooth...

16 Mar 2012

Landscape design is an art and technology means to study how to use the process of natural and human activities, building the complex relationship between, to achieve perfect harmony, good ecology, picturesque scenery of the realm of a discipline. The scope of work includes garden, garden, small garden, garden, park and city blocks, organs, factories and mines, schools, hotels and other. The park design content more comprehensive, have typical sex garden design. The avant-garde natural wall waterscape design process, installed in the wall which can be activity falls, can be wreathed cloud.

" Set", furnishings, set planning, meaning;" meter", strategy, strategy. Garden design is in a certain region, use of landscape art and...