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13 Dec 2011
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In order to promote solar energy and construction integration, yesterday, Kunming City Construction Bureau on the new draft regulations of hearing.Gaosuibuyou Thailandsolar panels The hearing on behalf of the Yunnan Normal University, Solar Energy Research Institute president Li Ming puts forward on the meeting, currently on the market more than half of substandard quality of solar energy components, in the rule should be at the same time to enhance enterprises' ability to make demands.

The day before yesterday held Kunming City People's Congress Standing Committee, was considered by the Kunming city hall to strengthen the integration of solar energy and building relevant resolution. Yesterday, Kunming City...

09 Dec 2011
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On the morning of 21, China Chamber of Commerce for import & export organization of enterprises within the industry will be held an emergency responding. " Enterprises' enthusiasm is very tall, has now started the substantive response phase, namely fill out questionnaires, lawyers have also started responding preparations." The chamber of Commerce.

In October last year,solar panel the United States Trade Representative Office announced that China clean energy to start the 301 survey, shortly thereafter, American Economic Policy Research Institute published a series of data, in order to prove China clean energy subsidies lead to trade deficit with China surge, and called the field of clean energy for the United States...

06 Dec 2011
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Works of Art ( artwork ), generally refers to the artistic works. The general art can be regarded as consisting of two components: one is the line of works, shape,plastic bags color, light, sound, tone, commonly known as the ' form of the components ' or ' direct constituents '; a theme ... ... Commonly known as ' performance of the components ' or ' associative component '.


The United States economist Gothic artwork Harper said: " if you use the dollar amount measurement of an artist's productivity, you'll find out, the most notable artists most make money." He thinks, the purpose of art is to attract attention. Success in attracting attention is the full meaning of art. That is to say, tell from some kind...

02 Dec 2011
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Chinese technology community event" Chinese jade carving products Expo"," Chinese lacquer art exhibition" will be held in Yangzhou in April 16th. According to introduction, at present, the Sixth China jade carving products exposition has Canada, New Zealand and the domestic 22 provinces and autonomous regions more than 100 domestic and foreign merchants exhibition,poly bag manufacturer Chinese lacquer art exhibition received 319 pieces of works.

Jade carving Exhibition for 6 consecutive years in Yangzhou
The world of jade, Yangzhou Institute of technology. Yangzhou jade carving craft has 5000 years of history, with Yangzhou city a few degrees are promoted decline, once in the Han, Tang, the three generation of the...

28 Nov 2011
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Conference services refers to the venue has some in field service staff, often referred to as" conference officials" ( Conference officers ). These personnel to foreign languages, familiar with the proceedings of the international conference, generally after training. He ( she ) people seem to do some specific service work, but it is an indispensable link in ensuring the smooth progress of the conference. International Permanent Secretariat is also responsible for conference services ( Conference Service ) department, the conference officials have a set of strict requirements.

The range of services
One, before the meeting began, in charge of personnel attending the meeting registration, including the sign and a...

25 Nov 2011
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Food and beverage services light and shade
Philosophy East space design proposal design make use of different source form, create different dining atmosphere. Using various light intensity and with a color change, can show a variety of dishes features and appearance, to the diner was impressed.

Restaurant different colors give people different feelings: luxury restaurant design should be used warm color or bright colors; dining use such as orange, red, violet; fast food restaurant to bright tone, the use of white, yellow, warm tones. Moreover, restaurant decoration or ornament is reasonable use can increase the restaurant taste catering service place. Temperature regulation,hong kong restaurants for guests to the...

22 Nov 2011
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Teak furniture
Teak furniture is solid wood furniture a, but it was the top furniture wood furniture. Teak wood itself materials with different levels. Like the old teak such high levels of teak furniture surface oil rich, smooth touch sense; surface planing surface color is revealed through photosynthesis, oxidation and brown ink delicate rich luster. Low grade plantation teak color bleak, lack of oil, for making wood floor, so the color is generally dark teak flooring. On the market of teak furniture full teak furniture rarely, it can determine the Indonesia old teak Seth Weina; most simply teak frame furniture paste or teak bark, the other part is solid but not teak, called teak solid wood furniture; also some other...

18 Nov 2011
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The company shall include the following meanings
First of all, the liquidation is based on company faces company liquidation termination occurs. According to China's company law, the company terminated because there are two, one is the dissolution of the company. The former has pointed out, dissolution of the company is forced to disband and voluntary dissolution in two cases. Another is the company's bankruptcy, the company declared bankruptcy and termination based on. These two cases are caused by the company's liquidation, liquidation organization and liquidation procedure just different.

The law way
Secondly, the liquidation of company liquidation obligation to bear the manner in accordance with...

17 Nov 2011
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Human engineering keyboard is in standard keyboard fingering provisions on area and the left hand right hand keypad two plate left and right, and form an angle, so that the operator need not be conscious of the clamping arms, keep a natural shape, the design of the keyboard by Microsoft company named natural keyboard ( Natural Keyboard ),

used to a blind user can effectively reduce the right hand keypad mistakenly hit rate, such as the letter "G" and" H". Some human engineering keyboard also intends to increase the common keys such as the space key and enter key on the keyboard area,Production House the lower part of the supporting plate to increase hand, before hanging wrist to support point, reduced due to fatigue...

14 Nov 2011
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Coral polyps
Corals only hydra-type individuals, a hollow cylinder, a lower attachment on the surfaces of the object, the top export, enclosed by a circle or ring of tentacles. Tentacle to gather food, can make the degree of stretch, there are specialized cells ( spiny cells ), spiny cells stimulated out nematocyst, prey to barbed wire paralysis. Egg and sperm by a diaphragm on the reproductive glands to produce, through the mouth into the sea.

Fertilization occurs in the water, sometimes also occur in gastric circular cavity. Normally fertilized only occurs in individuals from different eggs and sperm. The zygote is covered with ciliated planula, can swim. A few days to several weeks after fixing to the fixed...