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17 Aug 2011
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The countryside wedding ceremony's wedding ceremony feast tabletop may green in vain primarily: The green table skirt, the white tablecloth, lets the human be unable to restrain to think on the cushion cushion green grass like the cloud flock of sheep; But has on the village countryside wedding ceremony character and style white porcelain tray to put a green table napkin, newborn, the furry young Bai sheep is darling,cheap wedding dresses is waiting for the visitor to bring back it the family.

The spring arrived, the pasture master just whitewashed the entire pasture, around the circular candle cup has encircled a white small stockade. You know? These are cut with the cardboard, uses again two-sided gummy in above,...

15 Aug 2011
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The electric appliance (1) controls the electric appliance to use in each kind of control circuit and control system's electric appliance, for example contact device, relay, electric motor starter and so on.

   (2) orders the electric appliance to use in the automatic control system transmitting the action command the electric appliance, for example button, limit switch, multi-purpose change-over switches and so on.

   (3) protects the electric appliance to use in the protection circuit and current collector's electric appliance, like fuse, thermal relay, DVB-T TUNER each kind of protection relay, arrester and so on.

   (4) carries out the electric appliance to refer to uses in completing some kind...

10 Aug 2011
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from January 9th, 2010 to 10th, by the national illumination electric appliance standardization Technical committee ray radiation measured that the weighing out Technical committee (i.e. “ray radiation measured weighing out sign committee”) (i.e. “measurement entrusts specially” with the Chinese Illumination Academic society Measurement Test Specialized Committee) jointly sponsors, the ray radiation to measure the weighing out sign committee secretariat undertakes the national LED ray radiation measuring technique course which and the national ray radiation measuring technique and the standardized seminar the unit Hangzhou distant place electro-optic information Limited company does jointly in Shanghai convenes...

09 Aug 2011
In a hurry lead, not definitely the regret treat
Memory inside, our imitating a Buddha is stating, and then is like hearing a story, that story makes the person linger on, forgetting to return, heart return dull pain.

True love, make the person mutually hope of a phrase.I once loved of and once loved mine and was apart from near if the friend is in each other's confidence, but heart far get feel like separate a life time.So fine words, whenever bring up, always all over one earthquake, and my true love?pure gold

Can't own, don't match to own, these two phrase languages to should a words:Play a person, a person plays.

The title visits a sky, tiny to the dynasty the sky of the person whom I love tiny on smiling, is hanging up the smiling face...

08 Aug 2011
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  The Japanese Hitachi group will serve under somebody's banner is engaged in the electrical appliances manufacture and the selling operation Hitachi Electric appliance Company will start from July 13 to promote 20 sections to be possible one after another to use has 40 shape ascending pipe fluorescent lamp appliance's ascending pipe LED (light emitter diode) the lamp to renew the suite.

From the ascending pipe fluorescent lamp replacement is the LED lamp easy, to may realize the large electricity saving LED flare's replacement the impetus.

Compares with the fluorescent lamp appliance, may reduce the approximately 44% power consumptions. Besides use original appliance, but also has the part replacement and the...

06 Aug 2011
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08 years with present's bloating, are the exogenetic bloating. Massive US dollars by Bonake the Gaertner direction detection loosely to the Chinese market, simultaneously some so-called scholars and the official agitate misleading, what to causes Central Bank to emit in the foreign exchange market to the hot money is the speculative fund, what in bank system recycling is the production fund, from this formed has produced tightly, but congenial hot strange phenomenon.

This also explained that 08 years with present this round the bloating, to our economy main harm, are destroy the currency order, the use currency in the speculative market and the realm of production mispairing, the manufacture exaggeration society...

05 Aug 2011
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Art Deco period (1920–1930s)
The Art Deco movement was an attempt to combine the harshness of mass production with the sensitivity of art and design. It was during this period that Coco Chanel introduced costume jewelry to complete the costume. The Art Deco movement died with the onset of the Great Depression and the outbreak of World War II.[3]
According to Schiffer, some of the characteristics of the costume jewelry in the Art Deco period were:

Free-flowing curves were replaced with a harshly geometric and symmetrical theme
Long pendants, bangle bracelets, system supposes cocktail rings, and elaborate accessory items such as cigarette cases and holders

Retro period (1935 to 1950)
In the Retro period,...

04 Aug 2011
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Besides the color, affects the ruby value also to have the clarity, the stone cutting and the size. Highly clear, the slight defect ruby does not use the naked eye to be possible to see the content the ruby must be much more expensive.

The stone cutting quality immediate influence ruby's attraction, after the stone cutting good stone can reflect evenly, the light the surface, but these will cut either deep or shallow will appear in the center the shadow or the brown area. The stone shape must be symmetrical,suitable accessories and in polishing time does not remain any seamss or the abrasion.

When sale, under same level quality, pellet big, because its scarce, the selling price which is smaller than the pellet will...

03 Aug 2011
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* the geography superiority field shell East international jewelry transaction square and Shenzhen gold jewelry gathers the base water shell necklace block only to separate an article brocade north road, Shui Beipian the area present already “very full”, north is fermenting to expand with the eastward expansion,The New York Times the field shell East international jewelry transaction square birth is market force manifestation.  
  * the lucky chance superiority field shell East international jewelry transaction square appears, just when Shenzhen Municipal party committee, the municipal government "about Speed up Transformation Economic development Way Decision" release and "the Luohu Area Tries To make...

01 Aug 2011
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The Wall Street Journal Chinese version reported: In order to deal borrows money on a large scale the sequela which causes really with the extremely rapid expansion, China's athletic shoes and the gym suit producer will face in the future for one stern days.

Big Hua Jixian (UOB KayHian) analyst Ken Lee in issued last week in the memoir said that gate shop quantity are excessively many are starting to cause the life and death competition and the price war.

he said that this question may trace the recent several years to appear in Hong Kong puts up shares publicly for the first time the heat, borrows this upsurge,discount women shoes the China expense related enterprise can plan easily to the fund promotes its...