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30 Jul 2011
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 in 2011 Milan furniture exhibition, the Italian sofa brand Meritalia cocktail sends to, a model of human body modelling strange tastes sofa was very gains the human spirit, Fan Sizhe has lived at the caterpillar modelling sofa which fully (Versace Home) promoted, as well as Meritalia promoted the automobile modelling sofa, was at an exhibition's big luminescent spot.

 1st, the first choice well-known enterprise product,pointe shoe’s the well-known enterprise quite takes the brand value generally, the product quality is quite stable.

2, inspection purchase furniture whether to have the instruction for use, the use book's marking content is whether consistent with the product. Whether in the inspection...

28 Jul 2011
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 When the traditional yellow white already could not meet the need, the safflower gem starts to play the important role.

Either bulk crustification, either twinkle star, either embellishment in skill, either the flow in the neck, lets the dark night becomes brighter,LED Spot Lights exaggerates the daytime brightly. along with the people to the color the pursue, a safflower gem sale price group dramatic rise, specially the stone cutting fine lets the colored gem receive the favor more and more, 10,000 Yuan above color variegated jewelry have not been rare. Although the price somewhat lets the will of the people be timid, but the friends envy the vision will not make you regret.

before determining the final outcome...

21 Jul 2011
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Dew the shop employee who lives at the shop according to sha Shenzhen is straightforwarder: after “Da Vinci event, many consumers will inquire that we the commodity will be the import, one kind will not trust the feeling, we very much will also understand consumer's mood, but we had not said luckily will be the imported goods.” plays “the domestically produced card” the marketing strategy has moved to similarly from the line on-line, in Shenzhen real estate information network and so on the local forum,Tin Box appeared many solid wooden has had custom-made furniture's card, but occupied, furniture markets and so on Shenzhen family harmony in abundance to paste each kind of domestically produced furniture's...

20 Jul 2011
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When fastening a three-button suit, the middle button is fastened, and the top one sometimes, but the bottom is traditionally not designed to be (although in the past some jackets were cut so that it could be fastened without distorting the drape, this is not the case with current clothing). A four-button suit is untraditional and so has no traditional guidelines on buttoning,Tin Box but the middle ones at least should be fastened. Additionally, the one button suit has regained some popularity (it is also a classic style for some Savile Row tailors). The button should always be fastened while standing.

With a single-breasted suit, it is proper to have the buttons unfastened while sitting down to avoid an ugly drape. A...

15 Jul 2011
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 The Sino-South Korean jewelry accessories profession symposium was held the other day in Zhejiang Iwu, Rep. of Korea premier the private secretary, Rep. of Korea in Shanghai Chair Wen Huayuan, Rep. of Korea in Shanghai general consulate culture Consul He Xianfeng,Jewelry Factory Qingdao Vice-chairman Han Ren Business Trade union will destroy forever male, Yiwu Korean businessman meeting President Che Fenggui and so on will attend the conference on behalf of the South Korean friends.

Attending Chinese side representative including Chinese Jewelry Jade Jewelry Profession Association assistant deputy secretary-general, chief of office Yang resembles three, Shanghai Gold Accessories Profession Association Secretary...

15 Jul 2011
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the Iwu jewellery ornaments profession sale situation is good, in July the booming index is 1768.07 points, rises again 67.1 points compared to June, the month price index is 100.35 points, compared last time rises 0.13 points; after before the jewellery ornaments profession uses, the shop, much the factory, produces and markets by oneself the modes of business operation, the proportion reaches as high as 80%, and has voluntarily the designed capacity, its sales volume the growth rate maintains about compared to the same period 30%, the trade export approximately composed the total sales 70%, belonged to the present market development strong trend profession;

the personalization environmental protection product...

11 Jul 2011
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The gold price date line rank bounce looked continues the on-hand merchandise gold last week the opening price in 1098.1, in the plate was highest 1040.4, lowest 1093.2, received finally in 1135.9.

Zhou KXIAN assumes the saturated land.after at the beginning of the week the gold price searches the bottom stands firmly,discount fashion jewellery in the week follows the US dollar top digit spatial shake throughout maintains the methodical rise rhythm, but is restrained 1140 neighbor strong resistance.

Friday the market complete attention changes the non-agricultural major drama, is the same with a on issue of non-agriculture, this issue non-agriculture stems from the market once more accident, but the direction is...

08 Jul 2011
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the chaste lovable colored child, puts on the different kind formal clothes which Bestey has custom-made, if fine young bride. These lovable angels, are at the wedding ceremony the indispensable important honored guest, under satin facing white gauze making little princess,hotel interior design also has innocent lovable, also has the being characteristic gracefulness.

The red dinner jacket lovable flower child's fashionable dinner jacket pink color flower child dinner jacket angel to the world lovable flower child's fashionable dinner jacket lovable marriage fireworks child marriage fireworks child is at the wedding ceremony ceremony's unique scenery line, the lovable bride marries the fireworks child to regard in...

24 Jun 2011
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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Tuesday unveiled nine graphic cigarette warning labels that highlight the dangers of smoking, in an effort to help prevent children from smoking, encourage adults who do to quit.

The warnings represent the most significant changes to cigarette labels in more than 25 years and will affect everything from packaging to advertisements and are required to be placed on all cigarette packs, cartons and ads no later than September 2012.

"These labels are frank, honest and powerful depictions of the health risks of smoking and they will help encourage smokers to quit, and prevent children from smoking," said Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius in a statement....

16 Jun 2011
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Chinese jade seal of the origin and development of ancient Chinese origin working tools --- seal impression. Henan Wuyang Jiahu ruins of prehistoric settlements unearthed "10" shaped pottery India (mold), Henan Mianchi Zheng cultural relics of the third kiln out of the "field" side of a round nest section printed pottery pattern (mold) is the ancient seal of the " prototype ", is the period marked the beginning of seals representative, has been 8000 years ago.

Chinese is the world's most ancient text, one from the Xi'an Banpo pottery piece depicts the symbol on the date, reached sixty-seven thousand years of history; such as the Yin Ruins relics unearthed from the Shang Dynasty capital of Oracle, there are 3,000 years...